Fadia Saad



My name is Fadia Saad. I am originally from Syria. I studied economics at Damascus University but left because I didn’t feel fulfilled there. I worked in several jobs and left them for the same reason. I had my own project in journalism and writing after committing to a journalism workshop for a year and a half. I have five published books and many articles, whether in newspapers or on websites. Throughout this period, my activities and commitment were accompanied by fighting for women’s rights.

However, when I came to Germany, I felt a strong sense of alienation, especially with the writing project. Even after completing an internship and writing a screenplay, I still felt estranged from my true self. It was only through a coincidental encounter with drawing and colors, which have now become my “specialty,” that my life changed. Art healed my deep wounds and granted me new worlds and perceptions. I began teaching colors as a form of healing, then I learned drawing and colors as a profession. I participated in solo and group exhibitions.

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