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January 2023 info:

Ayda Tani عايدة تاني

The music theatre performance creates new narratives around the characters from Verdi's famous opera Aida, questioning the eurocentric gaze that is still present up until today on and behind opera stages.with & by Neam Tarek, Eva Morlang, Eliza Goldox, Soubhi Shami, Joseph Shallah, Ayda-Lisa Agwa, Hana Hazem, Amy Frega, Chen-Han Lin, Mona Ragy Enayat and others
21.01. 19 Uhr | 22.01. 18 Uhr
Lichthof HGB Leipzig
Wächterstr. 11

Tickets 9 reduced / 14 Euro normal / 20 Euro supporter ticket

Ticket reservations via email:

more info instagram @forte.leipzig

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