I am an artist and dancer (Hip Hop, House, Krump) from Syria, living in Leipzig. My work includes painting, graphic design, animation, music and poetry. Through the connection between the art forms, I always find new ways to design interdisciplinary projects. In my art you can find important themes like intersectional discrimination, identity and mental health. It is important to me to present current social problems that I am confronted with on a daily basis. Through my work I would like to arouse the interest of others to deal with this content. I deepened my interest in art and culture in several internships, which I completed, for example, in the LOFFT Theater or the GfzK. I am very active in the Saxon freestyle dance and culture scene. I go to battles, organize events and contribute my creative ideas everywhere. I teach children and adults and volunteer at cultural events, where I design flyers and t-shirts for dance events, for example. As an essential member of the Gems Crew, I do a lot of volunteer work. Every Wednesday, I am part of the Gems session at Villa Leipzig, which I often lead independently.

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