Sarya Shawa


Hi, my name is Sarya Shawa and this is a brief bio about me.

Next to many things I am, I’m a business consultant at Forte and an ex-Data-analyst. My analytical thinking helps to refine processes and ideas in Forte before reaching the end user. In addition, thanks to my experience in my last job in a startup I learned how to deal with the uncertainty that young organisation face.

Due to some bureaucracy BS, I didn’t yet manage to attend higher education, instead I took the “self-development” path with the help of the Internet, mentors, online courses and workshops. My self-discipline skills were the main key to the success of this path. However, this area of life wasn’t enough fulfilling so I quit my job, searching for fulfilment.

Having my physical health constantly affected by my emotional condition since I was a kid has provoked a big interest in me towards the topic “mental health”. Along with that, I found myself digging into Philosophy, learning by asking my peers questions and learning from their experiences. My journey in connecting with emotions started with sports. Through movement, I developed a strong connection with my body, which helped me believe that I can understand myself and that I can build a bridge with my emotions as well.

“I’m like an atom, I’ll keep reacting until I reach balance.”

One of the most influencing videos/channels in my life is “Optimistic Nihilism” by Kurzgesagt (I even have a poster for it in my room)


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