Sébastien Branche



Sébastien is a French saxophonist based in Leipzig since 2015. Focusing mainly on experimental music, he plays in projects from solos and duos to medium and large ensembles. Interested in perceptive phenomena, he works mainly with sound as a material, describing himself as a “sound crafter. His approach is resolutely bruitist, but also borrows elements from drone, reductionism and EAI. His interests also extend to body and space, as he regularly confronts his practice to contemporary dance.
He is also working on promoting experimental music locally, organising the festival ZiXP or the series LiLe which involve local and global artists, or run a radio show on sphere-radio, “carte branche” (pun on carte blanche), where he meets other musicians for informal sessions and talks about their activity and music in general.
All in all, you can meet Sebastien accompanying a contact improv jam, organising or playing a concert in one of the many venues where experimental music is being played or having fun at one of the locaö jam sessions. Or eating a simit or an ice-cream around the Eisenbahnstraße!

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